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Safety Management Solutions


Safety training can be like broccoli, it’s not that good but you have to eat it. At ISES, we approach training by applying adult learning strategies to teach safety topics to all levels of your team effectively. By doing so, participants retain the information longer and can better apply on the job which can result in a safer work environment. Our Safety Professionals (CSPs/CIHs) can train your team members what they need to know to keep themselves and others safe (and compliant).

ISES develops and delivers customized safety training based on the needs of your compliance obligations, site-specific hazards, and management system requirements. We can deliver a variety of topics, from the required OSHA training topics to safety leadership and safety management system development. A partial listing of courses includes the following:


  1. OSHA Compliance Training (LOTO, Confined Space, Powered Industrial Trucks, HAZWOPER, etc.)

  2. Industrial Hygiene Training (IH 101, Hearing Conservation, Silica, Respiratory Protection/Fit Testing, etc.)

ISES will collaborate with your team to provide a comprehensive audit of the ongoing activities of your personnel, subcontracted workforce, and general site/facility conditions at your facility or job site. By auditing, your safety management system will continually improve. Our goal is to make you better…period.


Safety compliance inspections are essential to keep your programs effective and in compliance. ISES can conduct “mock” OSHA inspections to help you prepare and gain an understanding of the process. Mock OSHA audits can be “wall to wall” or specific to a program, operational process, or response to a serious injury. Conducting routine OSHA audits keeps your eye on the ball and reduces workplace hazards.


ISES combines our team expertise, capabilities, and understanding of "the business of safety" to provide your company with real-world solutions. Our team has over 150 years of combined experience in conducting audits with real-world experience.


High-performing safety programs utilize hazard assessments to identify hazards  measure risk. This is also the basis of most safety management systems. ISES can perform site-specific hazard assessments such as job hazard analysis, PPE hazard assessments, machine safeguarding assessments, and industrial hygiene comprehensive exposure assessments.


Workplace hazard assessments build the foundation for your safety management system. ISES can use all the various assessments and combine them into a comprehensive facility risk assessment, so you are always aware of the top of your safety goals.

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