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Industrial Hygiene Solutions


ISES has experts, such as Certified Industrial Hygienists, to conduct comprehensive industrial hygiene exposure assessments for those that need comfort that their workplace exposures are controlled as low as reasonably achievable. The purpose of a comprehensive exposure assessment is to define an exposure profile for any particular work group. Exposure profiles can include noise, chemical, heat, and ergonomic risks. ISES utilizes the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s comprehensive exposure assessment strategies. The benefits of completing a comprehensive exposure assessment are improved management of exposures, developing a routine sampling plan, obtaining confidence that your exposures are in control and in compliance, and being more efficient when sampling.


Compliance monitoring is essential to determine if workplace chemical and physical hazard exposures are below OSHA’s Permissible Exposure Limits.  ISES often responds to concerns from clients who may have had a team member's illness or smell something different in the facility. Compliance monitoring differs from a comprehensive exposure assessment by generally obtaining a limited number of samples based on “worst-case scenarios” and making judgments based on a few data points.  While this approach can be effective for companies with limited exposure who just need documentation, the comprehensive approach is more effective for long-term industrial hygiene management.  ISES can recommend which approach is best for you.


ISES can provide project management for asbestos at your facility from beginning to end.  State and federal regulations hold building owners and employers responsible for protecting employees, occupants and outside contractors from exposure to asbestos. ISES works with our clients to understand the regulations that are applicable to their facilities, and potential future facilities, to ensure compliance.

ISES is a leader in providing asbestos consulting, abatement design and project management for several clients in Indiana.  ISES staff has Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) and other asbestos subject matter experts that are also licensed through the State of Indiana as:


  • Asbestos Inspector

  • Asbestos Management Planner

  • Asbestos Project Designer.


ISES offers comprehensive asbestos services to clients to ensure projects are done efficiently and on time. These services include:

  • Building Inspections

  • Operations and Maintenance Plans (O&Ms)

  • Air sampling

  • Development of project specifications, scope of work and cost

  • Select preferred abatement contractors and solicit bids

  • Abatement project oversight

  • Project management 

  • On-site PCM analysis (fiber counting) to get quick clearance results.


Indoor air quality (IAQ) investigations typically start with a mold or smell concern in the office or plant workspace.  The ISES investigation process starts with inspecting the area(s) of concern to identify the sources of mold or “smell.”  Smells are generally associated with volatile organic compound or VOCs.

ISES investigators will identify wet or damp areas contributing to mold growth while carefully not disturbing mold, so as not to contribute to additional mold spore release. ISES conducts air and surface sampling to confirm the presence of mold or VOCs.  Through the analytical results, ISES can identify the type of mold present and if the indoor environment has higher mold concentrations than the outdoor environment.  Once ISES obtains sampling results, we can provide recommendations that correct the problems.


Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), injuries of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage, and back, are among the highest contributors in both severity and worker's compensation costs in the workplace.  Often, these types of injuries can go undetected until an actual injury occurs. ISESs Certified Industrial Hygienists can assess work tasks to identify ergonomic-related risks.  Ergonomic assessments start by reviewing the workstation design, tool use, physical demand, frequency of tasks, and posture while performing the job or task. The benefits of completing ergonomic assessments not only reduce injuries but also improves productivity and employee involvement. ISES can improve your bottom line by completing thorough ergonomic assessments.

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